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from Revd Carol Langford, Vicar of Holy Rood

Revd Carol Langford joined Holy Rood as our new Priest at her

licensing service on Tuesday 28th February 2017

A few words from Carol by way of self-introduction -

"My husband Mark and I were delighted last November when I was invited to become the next Vicar of Wool and East Stoke. We love the Isle of Purbeck; our caravan was sited in East Stoke last year and at Arne before that. We very much look forward to meeting everyone, making new friends and praying, living and working together.

Mark and I met when we were both 18yrs of age and married three years later. Mark’s father served in the army and Mark was born in Hanover, Germany, when they were stationed there. I was born in Birmingham but moved to Poole with my family in 1970. Mark and I met through my mother and Mark’s step-mother who worked together; we sometimes say that ours was an arranged marriage! We have been married for 34 years and have been blessed with 2 sons, a daughter-in-law and a daughter-in-law to be; Daniel is married to Nicola, they live and work in London. Tom and Lisa, who live in Poole, are to be married later this year. Mark works as a Service Technician with Marstons Brewery and I was a teacher of Religious Education in Poole Secondary Schools until my ordination in 2006. Baptised at six weeks old, I came to active faith through marriage preparation and was Confirmed a few months after our marriage.

My sending church was St George’s Church in Poole, middle of the road Anglican, from where I gained my love of liturgy, especially the Eucharist. Following ordination I served my curacy at St Peter’s Church in Parkstone before moving to assist at Holy Angels’, Lilliput, in 2008 when the parish was in interregnum. I subsequently became the Priest-in-charge and later the Vicar of Lilliput when the suspension of the benefice was removed.

Prior to Bishops’ Selection Conference in 2003, my Director of Ordinands asked me what I thought was the key challenge facing the Church; my response was ‘relevance.’ As a teacher of teenagers I knew only too well that many young people have little or no knowledge of the Lord, or contact with Church, and all too often no desire for this either. I also knew that it is not only the young who are non-churched, in the space of only a generation the number of people of all generations attending church has reduced, often significantly. Personally, I love traditional models of church and liturgical worship. At the same time I am passionate about mission and growing disciples; prayerfully attempting to discern where God is at work and leading his Church and asking for grace to join in with this. The task that God seems to present to us today is how to grow disciples and build up the Kingdom through traditional models of church and through fresh expressions; holding them together in creative tension.

In my ministry, in recent years, this has led to significant work with children and young families as well as outreach to a more senior generation through, for example, a Lunch Club.

The work that God had for me before is not necessarily as it will be in the future of course. In my first few months in Wool, East Stoke, East Burton, Coombe Keynes and Bovington I hope to do lots of visiting and lots of listening.

As we prepare for my Licensing at the end of the month, please pray for us, for my ministry here and for our shared common life in Christ. "

With every blessing -

Carol Langford












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