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Celebrating The Platinum Jubilee of H.M. The Queen














On 6th February this year Her Majesty The Queen became the first British Monarch in our history to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth.

To celebrate this unprecedented anniversary, events and initiatives have taken place throughout the year, culminating in a four day UK bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June.

The four days of celebrations will include public events and community activities, as well as national moments of reflection on The Queen’s 70 years of service.

Here in Wool we are looking forward to local events as follows:





Jubilee Celebration Day 1


D'Urberville Centre, Wool

Day one of our community events. Children's arts and crafts, Overs 60s afternoon and bingo, music and performances, Family outdoor cinema.




Jubilee Celebration Day 2


D'Urberville Centre, Wool

On the second day of our community events,  community Sports day and adults-only quiz night.




Jubilee Celebration Day 3


D'Urberville Centre, Wool

Our main event ! Come join us for celebrations. Bands, live performances and music, food, memorabilia and drink vendors, stallholders, large inflatables, presence from local business and much much more.




Jubilee Celebration Day 4


D'Urberville Centre, Wool

On day four of our community event, Wool Soccer Sunday, Local club Wool & Winfrith FC are holding open football sessions.

ATWP principal Athena Burns is holding Dancercise on the community field for everyone. 

11 AM Celebration Service - Inside D'Urberville Centre, hosted by Holy Rood Church (poster above)

Reflecting on the 70 years and thanking God for Her Majesty's long life and reign.

12 noon Big Jubilee Lunch - D'Urberville Centre - Bring your own picnic celebration lunch. (There might be some cake available too - or so the rumour goes!)





And in the wider benefice there are other events too -





Bere Regis







Wednesday Services at the D'Urberville Hall - now on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month

Wednesday services are in the main hall. There is accessible access and usually plentiful level parking (and toilets) - as well as coffee and cake after the service.





Decoration completed

The Holy Rood Church Building has been decorated inside recently and looks whiter and fresher as a result. Thank you to the decorators and to those who cleaned and moved (and cleaned and moved again afterwards!).

And thank you to those who generously contributed to the cost.



Advance notice - Save the date!

We plan to be hosting Wareham Town Band on the 2 July to play between 2-4pm at Holy Rood, outside in the beautiful sunshine!

(Plan B -inside if wet!)

Do save the date - more details nearer the event.



Walking the Way of the Cross and the Resurrection

Dear friends

What a start! It has been really good to be able to meet so many of you during the first few days of ministry here in West Purbeck as we walked, talked, worshipped and enjoyed food together around the churches of the benefice during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week.

The congregation at St Laurence Affpuddle on the Monday morning was the largest crowd I have ever worshipped with on a Monday of Holy Week, and the food provided at St John the Baptist Bere Regis at the end of the walk that day was a delicious surprise – thank you.

As we set off from St Christopher, Winfrith Newburgh on the Tuesday it was good to see the work at the back of the church progressing so well, and then to pray together in St Nicholas Chaldon Herring. We then enjoyed a beautiful walk to Holy Trinity West Lulworth where we celebrated Holy Communion together in the intimacy of the chancel. On Wednesday I was thrilled to be presented with a hand crafted stick at St Andrew’s East Lulworth, which proved very useful in the walk back to Holy Rood, Wool, where we celebrated Holy Communion and then picnicked in the comfort of the west end of the church. A fantastic few days – thank you. What a start!

The Gospel readings used in the services during those three days retell the drama of the final few days of Jesus’ life, leading to his crucifixion. They are powerful and challenging. Powerful, as we reflect on Jesus’ final days, which must have been almost impossible for him to bare. Challenging, as we reflect that we are called to walk the way of the cross with him in our Christian lives too. Many of us continued this in acts of worship on Good Friday – literally walking in the way of the cross and prayerfully considering what this might that for each of us in our lives today?

But the good news is that we are called to walk the way of the resurrection with Jesus too. The amazing Gospel passages of the resurrection which we read Sunday by Sunday in the Easter season remind us time and again of how the risen Jesus brings hope out of despair, joy out of sorrow, life out of death. This is Good News - Gospel! We read how gradually for Jesus’ friends and disciples the situation of defeat they thought they were in after Good Friday is turned into faith in the risen Jesus, as he appears to them and transforms their lives again. This is not some ‘papering over of the cracks’, the death and resurrection of Jesus is God taking seriously the pain of sin and evil, suffering and death, and transforming them through the death and resurrection of Jesus into life and hope and a promise of eternity.

We are called to walk in the way of the resurrection: to be bearers of this Good News! Where are the situations of despair and sorrow and death where we are called to bring the light of faith and hope and joy? Maybe they are in our own lives, or in our families, or in the communities we are part of, or perhaps we can consider this on a more global scale, as we continue to pray and act for justice for the people of Ukraine, and other places of suffering.

My prayer in this Easter Season is that together we will walk in the way of the resurrection, and as we do, become Good News for those around us. Surely that is good reason to repeat the Easter Acclamation time and again: Christ is Risen, he is Risen indeed, Alleluia!

Your friend and Vicar




Holy Week 2022 Walking round the Benefice

There are some pictures to go with the above Easter message, on the Benefice website here.



Easter Flowers in Holy Rood











Many thanks to all our talented flower arrangers, everyone who donated flowers, and to Sue Burroughs for the pictures.




Revd Canon Richard Bartlett

Canon Richard's installation was on Thursday 7th April. He was invited to write to introduce himself and his contribution is on the page at this link.

After the service, he wrote to us:

A note of thanks...

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed in any way to the beautiful service for my licensing on Thursday evening, and the lovely reception afterwards. The whole evening was such an encouragement to me as I begin ministry with you, and many of our friends and family commented on how they felt welcomed by you all. So thank you!

I am conscious that many of you were not able to be there, and look forward to meeting you very soon. Thursday was a great start and I look  forward to a long and fruitful ministry with you in the years ahead.....

In the short term, I look forward to continuing the Holy Week journey with you, and to celebrating the joyous feast of Easter with you all.

With my thanks and prayers,





Experience Easter

Church and School combined in Wool, to set up a series of four Stations created in the Churchyard, in order to give an idea of the Easter story in four episodes.

The full description with its readings, thoughts, and prayers is far better than the very abbreviated outline that appears below but this might give you a general idea of what happened.




1. Gethsemane - The Arrest


The children heard the story of Jesus' arrest in the garden of Gethsemane. Each chose a stone from a cairn and asked  God to give them courage to stand up for what is right, for what they believe in. In placing the stone in the circle they prayed silently for people who face violence and an uncertain future, because they are trying to do the right thing.


  2. In The Courtyard - The Denial


We all make wrong choices, say hurtful words, do unkind things. The children were encouraged to remember a time when they let someone down or were let down themselves.

Taking a twig while listening to the readings and reflections, as they left the Courtyard station the children were asked to drop that twig into the brazier and remember that God forgives us - for everything.



3. Golgotha - The Promise

Following some readings and prayers, using natural materials the children each made a simple cross on the ground. They were asked to think about the things that had happened in their life or in the world that had gone wrong and need forgiveness.

The crosses were left to help to remind us all that our God is a loving God who forgives everyone who is truly sorry.


4. The Garden Tomb (1)


There was a garden not far from Golgotha, where Jesus had been crucified. In it was a tomb.

This is where they had taken Jesus.

A giant stone had been rolled across the entrance . . .


But the story did not end there!



  4. The Garden Tomb (2)

      - The Surprise!

The Story:

Just before dawn on the third day after Jesus had died, Mary Magdalene and her friend set off for his tomb. As they got near an angel appeared and rolled the huge stone away from the entrance of the tomb. The women were terrified, but the angel reassured them that Jesus was not there. He had risen and defeated death!


"Come and see the place where he lay," invited the angel. And suddenly, Jesus met them. He was actually standing right there!



Each child was given a wildflower seed, and encouraged to look at how dead it seems. But we know that once planted in the earth, it will break out of its brown shell and new life will begin.

Each was asked to find a secret place in the churchyard and plant the seed in the ground, thinking of it as a symbol that reminds us of the new life available to all through Jesus' resurrection.



With many thanks to the construction team and hosts!


From the Headteacher:

I just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks to everyone who put this together for our pupils. Yet again, both children and staff came back talking really positively about the session and it was clearly not only a useful time but also a very special one.

Please do share my thanks with the volunteers who made Experience Easter possible.

Take care and hope to see you soon,


Ellie Griffiths, Headteacher at Wool CE Primary School




Prayers for Ukraine

"We pray at this time for the people of Ukraine and for a new peace in our time. For the leaders of nations, and wisdom in decision making and international diplomacy. For safety and freedom from fear and persecution. We pray too for the church in that land, and the Diocese of Europe."

Bishop Karen


The Archbishop also shared some thoughts on radio 4 and they are reproduced at this link.



Reflecting through Lent - Diocesan Lent Devotionals 

There is a series of weekly reflections and prayers that the Diocese offer us to use during Lent. As we walk with the Lord, we remember Jesus put himself in the wilderness for 40 days to be tempted. He set out to pray and focus away from everyday distractions before he began his public ministry. 

Hear from a range of contributors, exploring topics on:

Week 1: Evangelism

Week 2: Discipleship 

Week 3: Collaboration 

Week 4: Leadership

Week 5: Serving Others 

Week 6: Embracing Justice 

Week 7: Equipping

To download a copy click on this link.



We very much look forward to welcoming Canon Richard as our Parish Priest on Thursday 7th April.

Please continue to pray :

Õ For Richard, as he looks forward to taking this major new step in his life and for his family as they support him. May they and we all know God's presence and continued leading in all of this.

Õ For our existing permanent clergy, Revds Sandra and Jenny who are working so hard to look after all the churches. For Revd Canon Keith Hugo who is ministering to the Lulworths during their vacancy, and for Rev David Chilman who is soon to join the benefice and be based in Lulworth.

Õ For one another, that we would all be fully open to welcoming Richard and David, the people of God's choice, to lead us.


Rev Canon Richard Bartlett meeting the Benefice PCCs and Holy Rood Pastoral Team in November 2021

(Photo courtesy of Peter Wharf)








Dates of planned Teapot Club meetings

April to July 2022


All ‘Teapots’ meet at the Small Hall (known as “Meeting Room 1”) in the D’Urberville Hall from 2pm - 3pm


Tuesday 26th April

D’Urberville Small Hall

Tuesday 10th May

D’Urberville Small Hall

Tuesday 24th May

D’Urberville Small Hall

Tuesday 14th June

D’Urberville Small Hall

Tuesday 28th June

D’Urberville Small Hall

Tuesday 12th July

D’Urberville Small Hall

Tuesday 26th July (to be confirmed)

D’Urberville Small Hall (???)


Teapot will take a break in August but we hope to return on 13th September.





Gren Irwin


Pauline Matthews

23 Hillside Road


3 Lampton Close

01929 462742


01929 462128





For services in Wool….some disabled parking

There are now 3 disabled parking spaces through the electronic double gate in the Wool School grounds leading to the church,. You will need to display a blue badge.  The pedestrian path at the back of the school that leads to church is wheelchair-friendly.  

Remember that the gates are opened 15/20 minutes before a service. All other parking is in the school staff car park.




When is Holy Rood Church open for private prayer?

Holy Rood Church, Wool is now open for private prayer daily from 10am until 4pm.

Please observe Covid precautions and please use safely. In particular:

    Please use antibacterial hand gel where provided as you go into the church and again when you leave

    Do sit at least 2 meters away from anybody else in the church at the same time.

    Face coverings are encouraged but are no longer a legal requirement.




We have joined JustGiving to enable people who wish to, to donate to Holy Rood via the web.

Go to the JustGiving site by using the button below (or use your smartphone camera with the QR code):




Earlier News and Events


Previous News and Events

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"Church Without Walls" 2017-2020

"Church Without Walls" (a quarterly colour publication) ran until Summer 2020.

It gave details of events both in the church and outside it in our local community.

Links to issues are below.


Spring 2017 Summer 2017 Autumn 2017 Winter 2017


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Address for contributions to the website or social media


[The old address of holyroodit@gmail.com is no longer in use.]







Messy Church Online - Mothering Sunday





A Prayer during a Pandemic (based on Habakkuk Ch. 3 v17-19)

Though the people of the world are suffering and fearful and jobs and businesses are at risk and many are unemployed

Though many are dying as their breath fails and families are kept apart and are in despair

Though front line workers and the NHS in their commitment and compassion are exhausted

Though a friendly handshake or hug is not allowed and we face each other with our masks

Though many are anxious about what the future holds especially the young

Yet we will rejoice in the Lord God who is our strength and will never fail us. His Spirit lifts our hearts and minds as He journeys with us through Jesus Christ Our Lord



With thanks to Chris Corteen

(One response to a question in the Monday Home Group)




Benefice Office hours (link to contacts page)

(Covid-19 restrictions: Please do not call in without an appointment. Not manned during lockdown.)

Office contact number is 07729 484866

Email address: westpurbeckoffice@gmail.com

(Telephone messages will be dealt with during office hours only.)


Online Services are continuing

We are still holding Combined Benefice services online on some Sunday mornings. Anyone may take part in this service using your laptop, ipad, or phone (smart or otherwise).

You would be most welcome to join in and if you would like to have more details please email the Church Office.

The contact arrangements are emailed in advance and you would need to give your contact details including an email address and phone number to the Benefice Office. We can't publish the Zoom contact details here for security reasons, but you are still very welcome.*

It is highly recommended not to 'arrive' at the very last minute as most people enjoy it more by taking a little while to get a good connection sorted out and iron out any queries. Also arriving in good time prevents you being excluded inadvertently by the security lock (see next paragraph).

* The service is locked down soon after the start time to prevent abusive internet behaviour which sadly has happened occasionally to other churches using online worship.


                  Other News



Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pastoral Care

If you need to self-isolate, do inform the church office together with your contact phone number. A member of the church will be in contact to check on your welfare and to offer practical support with shopping etc.

Best hygiene practice and safeguarding procedures will be observed in all pastoral contacts.


Medical Advice

For up-to-date medical advice, the place to go is:



For specific Church of England advice look at:





A Prayer For All Those Affected By Coronavirus

Keep us, good Lord,

under the shadow of your mercy.

Sustain and support the anxious,

be with those who care for the sick,

and lift up all who are brought low;

that we may find comfort

knowing that nothing can separate us from your love

in Christ Jesus our Lord.



Daily Prayer

Each day the Church of England publishes audio and text of the Prayer for the Day.









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