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Recent and Coming Events

and Announcements


Heading towards Easter

Over halfway through Lent, here are some coming events. (Easter is closer than we might think . . !)


Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday is a tradition going back many years before it became known as Mothers' Day.

This year there are two main events both on the weekend of 10th-11th March:


Saturday 10th from 3pm-5pm - Messy Church with "Mothers and Others" in mind.

Make something for Mum!


Sunday 11th at 10am

Mothering Sunday for all the family - a service at 10am.





Saturday 24th March, 10am - The Annual Church Clean

Please bring your dusters, mops and anything else that might help in making our Church shine for 2018.

Many hands make light work -

Thank you!



Advance warning for Saturday 24th/Sunday 25th March which is also Palm Sunday -

Beginning of British Summer Time, clocks go forward.


Sunday 25th March 10am - Palm Sunday



Sunday 25th March 11.30am - Annual Church Meeting in Church after the service



Sunday 25th March 6pm - Purbeck Evening Praise at St Christopher’s Winfrith

The theme ‘Spiritual Gifting of Giving’.


HOLY WEEK AT HOLY ROOD - quick summary:

More details are below in the Lent and Easter section

Monday 26, Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th March - 7pm Reflections in Church led by our homegroups.

Maundy Thursday 29th March 11am Chrism Mass, held in Salisbury Cathedral, lifts available. And at 7pm - Passover Meal in Church

Good Friday 30th March 10am - Liturgy of the Cross

Good Friday 30th March, 3pm-5pm - Next Messy Church

Easter Day 1st April; Dawn Service 6am, followed by breakfast; 8am Holy Communion; 10am Family Communion.

Saturday 28th April, 7.30pm - Concert by The Casterbridge Male Voice Choir, Tickets from Joy Cole 01929 462057, see CWW for more detail.

Sunday 29th April - Annual Memorial Service in Church






Lent and Easter in 2018 at Holy Rood

Lent began on Ash Wednesday, 14th February.

We have quite a few services, courses, and events during Lent. Lent is a period of 40 days (not counting Sundays, so it's about 6 weeks in all) and marks an important opportunity for each of us to ask the Holy Spirit to help us undertake a period of personal preparation and "spiritual housekeeping" before God, who leads us on through Lent into Easter Sunday (which this year will be on Sunday 1st April).

Easter allows us all not only to remember the death of Jesus as he died on the cross for our sins, but then to celebrate his rising to the new life that he now makes available to each of us.

Keeping Lent


Ash Wednesday 14th February



10am Holy Communion with imposition of ashes (held at the D’Urberville Hall)

7pm Holy Communion with imposition of ashes (in Church)


Daily Prayer in Lent

Many people use a book or bible study aid daily in Lent. We have two suggestions available this year - the first ("Praying Together") is from our own Diocese of Salisbury and written by our area Bishop Karen. It is a small pocket size book that has a daily short bible passage, prayer and reflection as well as a suggestion for an action we could take. It's available free inside church and looks excellent.

The second book ("40 Stories of Hope") is a larger paperback book. This is an engaging book about transformation, restoration and true freedom. Using stories from prisoners and their family members, these 40 remarkable testimonies speak powerfully about the reality of encountering Jesus and the difference he can make in anyone's life, no matter who we are. Ideal for Lent, these 40 faith-inspiring stories can be read daily in the run up to Easter. Although normally costing about £8, we have secured copies for £2 each by ordering in bulk and again these are available inside Holy Rood Church.

This book "40 Stories of Hope" is the basis for the interdenominational Lent Course held on Thursday afternoons - see the Lent Course item below.


Lent Course - 1

Thursdays 22nd Feb, 1st, 8th, 15th , 22nd March , 2.30pm at the Methodist Chapel: ’40 Stories of Hope’

The Wool Churches are again meeting together during Lent (at the Methodist Chapel) for group sessions using the book "40 Stories of Hope".

This is a collection of 40 remarkable testimonies from prisoners, ex-prisoners and prison chaplains who speak powerfully about life-changing encounters with Jesus. It has been produced by CWR in partnership with Prison Hope. In his Foreword Justin Welby says ‘This is an extraordinary book – a book of hope and reconciliation, a book of transformation and journeys .....’

This course includes daily readings and reflections as well as group sessions (using Mark’s Gospel) so everyone would ideally need to purchase a book. The cost of the book is £2.


Lent Course - 2

Sundays 18th Feb, 25th Feb & 4th & 18th March, 4pm at Holy Rood: ‘Ways of Praying.’

In these four sessions we will explore ways different ways of praying including praying with music, art, objects and a pen/the written word. Each session will include a time of teaching and opportunities for participants to experience the different forms of prayer. The sessions will conclude with an informal tea and people are invited to bring along a plate of food to share.

The subjects have been "Praying with a pen" (using the written word, reading and writing), "Praying using (and creating) pictures and colour", "Praying using objects" (below), and finishes on 18th March with "Praying using music".


4th March was "Praying using objects"



In Holy Week

Monday 26th March, Tuesday 27th March & Wednesday 28th March evenings at 7pm in Holy Rood church

The Home Groups take turns to lead a short time of worship and reflection.




Thursday 29th March, Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday 29th March. At 11am the Chrism Mass, held in Salisbury Cathedral: lifts are still available.



7pm Passover (Seder) Meal in church




Good Friday 29th March

10 am Liturgy of the Cross

3-5pm Messy Church





Easter Day, Sunday 1st April


6am-ish Dawn Service followed by breakfast (Exact time, and breakfast venue, both to be confirmed)

8am Holy Communion

10am Family Communion



Advance Notices

(Events after Easter and into Summer)


Saturday April 28th

Casterbridge Male Voice Choir 7-30 pm. Refreshments in interval. At Holy Rood. Tickets available from beginning of March.

Tickets £7.50 from Mrs Joy Cole - 01929 462057


Wednesday 25th July

The start of Churches Together Lunches in Kids of Wool building, Colliers Lane, on Wednesdays.

Links nicely with the library sessions next door, for children, starting at 2pm!


Thursday August 16th - Staycation

You may remember our Staycation last year when we enjoyed a 1950's day at the seaside, and Holy Rood became a beach with deckchairs and traditional holiday pursuits from the 50's.

This year, we holiday at home once more as the space at the back of Holy Rood becomes an open top London Bus to host "A trip around London and tea at The Ritz" - from 11- 3 pm.

Best of all, no bus or coach travel will be involved!



A small amount of imagination may be needed to obtain the full experience of the London bus and the Ritz (but not for the views of London or the fact there will be tea!).




Messy Church in 2018




Holy Rood at the D'Urberville Centre on some Wednesdays


On the first Wednesday of each month, Holy Communion is held at 10am in the D'Urberville Centre Small Hall, followed by Coffee/Tea and chat afterwards.

Holy Communion will also be held in Church, midweek, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Also every month on the 3rd Wednesday from 10am - 12noon in the Small Hall, there will be a chance for Coffee/Tea and chat.




Home groups and other groups restarted in January

Monday Homegroup


The Monday group restarted on Monday 8th January, at 7.30pm at 23 Hillside Road. We are doing a 5-week series about the environment. We started on 8th January by watching, by way of informal introduction, the final episode of Blue Planet 2 series followed by a discussion.

Our world is facing immense problems we cannot ignore. Over the weeks we looked at some of the environmental challenges we are facing, from a Biblical perspective and thought about how we can respond as Christians.

We are not meeting in Lent as there are so many Lent activities to attend, but we will do so on Mon 16th April 2018 at 23 Hillside Road, when we will start a new series about "Hearing the Voice of God".


All welcome - for further details contact Judy Hill 01929 462888


Wednesday Homegroup


7.30pm on Wednesdays

Contact details:

John Williams tel: 462146

John Underwood tel: 462827.


Thursday Home Group

Held on Thursdays at 2.30pm at 3 Lampton Close. This group meets on the first and third Thursday of the month during term time.

For more information contact John Matthews on 01929 462128.


The Tea Pot Club


Tuesday, 20 March 2018 (Easter reflection)

Methodist Chapel

Easter break

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Methodist Chapel

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Methodist Chapel

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Methodist Chapel

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Methodist Chapel






Girls in Fellowship Together (GIFT) is a young mums group that meets in term time only at the home of Mrs Pauline Matthews 01929 462128. From 7.30pm until 9pm on the first and third Tuesdays each month, we chat, have tea or coffee and cake. We end with a thought for the day and a prayer. All mums are welcome. Next one 9th January 2018

Contact John Matthews (01929 462128)



Cologne Road Community Room Update

The Community Room Committee successfully negotiated a lease with Purbeck District Council to expand the community room to provide suitable and sustainable community facilities.

This expansion into the larger room has associated costs of around £6.5k because it is not usable in its current state. Fundraising started in earnest in 2017 and we have recently had a successful bid to the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ Scheme. This means that the project now goes to the public vote in the Dorchester Tesco store where 3 local projects compete for shoppers’ votes as they place their tokens in support of their preferred local project.

We kindly urge you to promote our project and also encourage you and anyone you know to give the Cologne Road Community Room project the vote when they shop in the store. The vote is open until the end of February. Thank you! - Chris Corteen.





Recent events





Other Coming Events


Tea Pot Club - Dates of future meetings in 2017-2018

All "teapots" are held at the Methodist Chapel at 2pm except where stated


Tuesday 5th Dec


Tuesday 19th Dec


Christmas Break


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Methodist Chapel

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Methodist Chapel

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Methodist Chapel

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Methodist Chapel

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Methodist Chapel

Tuesday, 20 March 2018 (Easter reflection)

Methodist Chapel

Easter break

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Methodist Chapel



Gren Irwin


Pauline Matthews

23 Hillside Road


3 Lampton Close

01929 — 462742


01929 — 462128




Other Notices


If you are unwell or know someone who is . . .

Hospital Visiting

If you know of someone in hospital who would appreciate a visit from a representative of Holy Rood Church, do please let us know. We have no way of knowing who is in hospital unless you let us know. It doesn’t matter if they are not regular churchgoers.

Please contact the vicar (01929 462215, or refer to the Contacts page.)

Home Communion for the sick & house bound

If you or anyone you know is unable to come to any of the services, and would like to receive communion at home, please let the vicar (01929 462215) know, and she can arrange for a member of the Pastoral Team to visit.



Prayer Chain

If you have a specific issue that you would like the members of our Prayer Chain to be praying for you on your behalf, please contact Jane Newbury on 462134.

If you would prefer to talk through an issue in more depth or would like someone to visit you, please let the vicar know on (01929 462215).


Community Information and Announcements



07751 968 944

Having only one person to 'man' a landline phone we have had to introduce a mobile. If you want transport ring 07751 968 944 and leave a message - containing your name, your phone number, and a brief summary of your need. Someone will get back to you quite quickly.

Thank you.


General Notices


Pewsheet delivered direct to your inbox

You can receive the weekly pewsheet and quarterly "Church Without Walls" direct to you by email each week/month.

Please contact Jenny Hunt on THESKYPILOT [at*] sky.com if you wish to be added to the mailing list.

Information for the pewsheet

Please send to holyroodpewsheet [at*] hotmail.com by the preceding Monday for inclusion.

 *You need to replace the [at*] by @ in the addresses above and remove any spaces.



Planned Giving

Thank you to all those who plan their giving towards the work of God’s Church. This really does help to structure the church budget in order to better prepare for and plan our mission in this place. You can give even more efficiently by Gift Aid if you are a taxpayer.

Please also consider setting up a Standing Order with your bank which again is more cost effective by saving on the cost of envelopes. Many of you did that last year and so we have been able to further reduce the number of envelopes needed. So those of you looking for your envelope will notice that your number may well have changed.

If you require further details about Gift Aid or paying through the bank or have any other questions then please do not hesitate to speak to Chris Corteen or contact her on tel. 462642.



Details of forthcoming Services

Are to be found above and also in the Quarterly Bulletin, "Church Without Walls", here.


(For more general service pattern details see the 'Services' page, here.)


Help Wanted


Help us clean the church throughout the year

Please consider giving an hour to help clean the church. Currently it works out about once a month but the more that help the less often it will be. Cleaning can be done at your convenience as long as we have a clean church on Sunday.

Please, please help; contact Sue Burroughs, tel. 01929 463803 or email sue@whomwah.com for more details.


Wanted - School Governors

There are currently three vacancies for Foundation Governors at Wool CE VA Primary School. Governors play an important role in the management of the school, supporting the Head Teachers, staff and pupils. They need to be able to attend 4 governing body meetings, sub-committee meetings and spend additional time in school, during school hours and supporting events outside of the school day too. It is stimulating and rewarding.

Foundation Governors need to be communicant members of the Church of England or another Christian church. We particularly need parents of children attending the school.

For contact details during the vacancy please refer to the Contacts page.


Share and Care needs Helpers

Share and Care is in desperate of volunteer drivers and a telephone Link person. If you are interested and would like to know more please contact Bridget on 01929 463835.


Church Maintenance

There are many small on-going jobs in the church and the churchyard that need to be done on a regular basis. A small group of volunteers meets on the first Saturday of every month at the church at 10.00am to carry out these tasks. If you feel that you could help in any way or you would like to know more details, please contact the Churchwardens - please refer to the Contacts page.



Future Services

See the Bulletins page for brief details of planned services and some other future events.


Earlier News and Events


Previous News and Events

Events during 2013 Events during 2014 Events during 2015 Events during 2016 Purbeck Evening Praise Events during 2017













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