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Purbeck Evening Praise

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What is Purbeck Evening Praise?



Purbeck Evening Praise (PEP) is a gathering of church congregations, of denominations and traditions, from around the Isle of Purbeck. We meet at a different venue each month and try to include all the churches, or meeting places, of those who participate. Likewise those that lead from the front and lead the worship will be different for each month.



PEP was started with a desire to fulfil Jesus’ High Priestly prayer that his followers ‘should be one, as he and the Father are one’ (John17:20ff). Over the years the number of churches involved has increased in number, and it is our dream to have all the churches in this area joining in. What a wonderful witness this would be to the world around, that Christians can get on and actually love one another!

Also, we believe that in the one-ness that we share there is rich blessing from God and an increased out-pouring of spiritual riches. In this Year’s services we are searching the wonderful aspects of God character and nature. With this in mind we also recognize that every time we come together we expect to meet with God and let God minister to us and through us. We believe that God is active in every member of his Church, and Purbeck Evening Praise offers an opportunity for people to practise their spiritual gifts within the context of the meetings.

It’s All About God

The Theme of this year’s talks is ‘It’s All About God!’ Why? Because it is!

The whole raison d’être for Purbeck Evening Praise is to give glory and honour to God, to explore his nature and to find out what he wants of us in this small corner of his vineyard. What can be more exciting than finding out about God in his infinite greatness and then responding by worshipping Him in Spirit and Truth?

Of course the scope for this particular topic is endless but we hope that the themes we have chosen are a good starting point. It is our aim to help those who attend to grow into a deeper relationship with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Each of the preachers will come with their own particular style and insights, which should mean that throughout the year you will get a much greater understanding of who God is, why he loves you and what he has done for you. Please pray for the preachers as they prepare and stand before you, that God will speak to them and through them, and above all that God will make himself known through them. It is our prayer that you will be greatly blessed throughout the year.

Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Alleluia!

(Isaiah 12:5, Psalm 150:6)











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