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Summer Staycation in Church - A Day Sightseeing in London with Afternoon Tea at the Ritz on 16th August 2018

You may remember a "Staycation" last year when some of us enjoyed a 1950's day at the seaside, and Holy Rood became a beach with deckchairs, water, sand, and traditional holiday pursuits from the 50's.

This year, a select and distinguished group holidayed at home once more as the space at the back of Holy Rood became an open top London Bus to host "A trip around London and tea at The Ritz" .

Best of all, no bus or coach travel was involved! (Admittedly, a small amount of imagination may have been needed to obtain the full experience of the London bus and the Ritz but the participants were definitely shown views of London - and the tea looks excellent!).


First, the London bus -



All aboard . . .




Complete with the tour guides of course -



One of whom pointed out the sights of London -



And the same guide also provided the live music.




All too soon, it was time to get the new outfits ready for the Ritz -





Meanwhile, the Ritz was getting very excited. (Such distinguished guests are rarely seen in London these days.)



The Ritz decided aspidistras are so yesterday.

It displayed beautiful hydrangeas on the stand instead.








The Ritz has some brilliant catering staff!






Finally, we have a brief photo quiz featuring our vicar, (Rev Carol) and Gren, one of our LPAs:



In this picture, is Gren:

(a) Attempting to handcuff the unsuspecting vicar, in a futile attempt to restrain her apparently boundless energy and fund of ideas?

(b) Trying to release Rev Carol from an obscure piece of ecclesiastical paraphernalia, the exact use of which had been forgotten?

(c) Using skills acquired as a Girl Guide (which was but a few short years ago, obviously) to assist the vicar in operating an unfamiliar antique machine despite possessing no instructions?

The answer will be found in the final pictures lower down the page!













Well guessed if your answer was (c).

To get on the London bus, you needed a ticket from the conductor!




Many thanks to everyone who helped with this happy and enjoyable day, and thank you Gill and Rev Carol for the photos.












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