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The Church Of The Holy Rood      --      Wool, Dorset, U.K.

Fete 2018

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Holy Rood Church Fete 2018



Outside the Church

(The pictures taken of the church with flowers and hangings displayed inside are on another page.)

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to organise or assist with our Annual Fete on Saturday 7th July. Despite everything else that was going on, lots of people came and we raised over 500 for church funds. Well done everyone!



























Back at the fete stalls -




The totally unbiased Human Fruit Machine




Just too late at the water into wine stall - the previous bottle did have wine, honestly!






Bric-a-brac stalls - you never know what you'll find. Limoges, anyone?


Glass and crystal


Knock off a duck and you get a lolly


and of course . . .



Teddies from the Tower




Preparing for a perilous ascent . . .




Checking all is safe below


Was the parachute properly packed . . ?



Yes!. . . and a graceful landing by this expert



Some preferred a horizontal style for their descent



Others a more sedate method, perfectly composed whilst sensibly wearing her hooped skirt as backup.


(He got down safely in the end!)



Once again, Rupert decided he wanted to see more of the world . . . not for the first time

(Two years ago he ended up on a gutter due to unexpected high winds and was found the following year.)


Mind the gutter, Rupert . . .  the gutter . . . .


Spectators were using Personal Protective Equipment.


And certificates for the heroes who survived the ordeal!





Many thanks to Verwood band whose music was a delight all afternoon


And at least one person goes home with a bargain!
















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