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Angelfest 2017

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"Angelfest 2017"

On Advent Weekend (ending on Advent Sunday, December 3rd), the church was filled with angels made by both the (very) young and the (quite a bit) older. Angelmakers came from the church groups, the village groups, shops, individuals, and in fact anyone and everyone from church and community. It was wonderful (and occasionally even weird - in a nice way) to behold: and here are some of the amazing efforts!

Sincere apologies to anyone who had their entry missed or underrepresented (but the photographic task was huge and the church was getting darker and darker as Friday afternoon went on . . . and if I have credited your beautiful angel to someone else do email Chris at webmaster[at]holyroodwool.org so that I can correct the mistake.


Teapot club hard at work a week or two earlier . . . and on the day -


More from the Teapot Club. (Not sure if the one on the right was modelled from life!)


The Monday Home Group made gingerbread angels (and some of us even managed to get some of the icing on the actual angels)





























Hands of Friendship Angel (Wednesday Home Group)
















The Spar Shop and the Wrapping Paper Angels




Wool Pre-School Angel (and friends)






The 'Carecrow' Angel from the Churchyard Group
(All ready for action with his/her gardening gloves on, this friendly welcoming angel cares for all living things.)




The Choir's Angel (right) (So realistic, one of our sidespeople was spotted apparently offering him/her a pewsheet!)
And on the left is the angel from the Thursday Home Group.




Taylor's the local butcher with a unique interpretation!




This has to be be the Angel of the Bellringers




















The Wednesday Coffee and Chat Group





















We think this angel group may be from the Wednesday Morning Coffee and Chat Group too




And very well done, the Beavers!




Some amazing recycling here . . .




 . . . and here -




Beautiful effort from the GIFT group (Girls in Fellowship Together)




We even had some angels-in-waiting (we asked them where they were planning to stand - but no reply)




Others were held in suspense - just hanging around -



An angel from the Weldmar Shop. (Huge hair!)




What a happy group of fellow worshippers they all turned out to be  . . .




. . . especially this one!



 . . and this one!





Thank you so much to everyone who took part in all the fun!


















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