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Dorset Wildlife Trust's 2016 Report of their visit to Wool Churchyard

We noted that all grass in the lower, older part of the churchyard had been cut short to accommodate the summer fete. This emphasized how exceptionally large the expanse of grass is overall and the desirability of introducing a measure of continuing variety and interest in the grass from the cutting regime, including leaving areas of longer grass from time to time, especially where a richness of flora was identified.

A mown axial path down the centre, i.e. north to south, might also be considered; this would cross, and complement, the existing grass path east/west to the war memorial.

We saw an impressive stand of greater celandine along the margins of the cremations area :

In the upper area, the new hedge is doing well, no doubt aided by the wet spring and summer. We commend the plan for some of the young trees to be allowed to mature as standards to add interest to what is a very long boundary.

The adjacent expanse of grass in this new area could benefit from the scattering of yellow rattle seed to curtail the lushness and so improve the variety of grasses - and make it more likely that the impressive flora from the adjoining agricultural field (photo below) including corn marigold could migrate successfully. It would be good if some seed/ hay from that field could be scattered as well.

Overall we noted the areas of floral interest tagged to be saved from cutting: we suggest each might be increased in size to at least 0.5m. We were glad to hear of an increasing interest in wild flowers and commend the photographic lists of species by month. We commend also the siting of bird boxes and the plentiful provision of seating.












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