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Graves in the Churchyard

Churchyard regulations are made by the Salisbury Diocese and of course affect all the Diocesan Churchyards like our own (as opposed to Local Authority controlled Cemeteries, which have different rules). Our Diocese covers Dorset and Wiltshire and so the regulations are made for a very large area and not just our parish. One purpose, among others, is to ensure that the churchyards and their memorials accurately reflect the Church's teaching about the sensitive topics of death and resurrection. Other purposes are to set out expectations to avoid upsetting other families who also have relatives buried in the churchyards, and to preserve the historic nature of the environment around important listed buildings.

In addition to the diocesan regulations, each parish is encouraged to have their own local regulations. Copies of the West Purbeck Benefice Regulations are displayed in the church porch and in the churchyard. You may download a copy of the Benefice Regulations here:

Churchyard Regulations for a Burial in the Churchyards of the West Purbeck Benefice including Holy Rood Church, Wool.pdf

Relatives or next of kin have, in all cases in this parish, a discussion along these lines, and read and sign a copy of the regulations before a burial with a memorial is permitted.

The rest of the important information for anyone tending graves in the churchyard or who has a relative or loved one interred here in Wool, is to be found on the Diocesan Website which has the definitive and latest versions available to view or download at:





If you have checked the documents referred to above, and have any resultant concerns about a grave you tend or are associated with, please make them known to the Vicar or one of the Churchwardens.










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